Coniferous coffee

A real thick healthy natural coniferous extract, tones and gives strength like a coffee drink, which is why it was called coniferous coffee. It works more brightly than fir extract, but not as bright as cedar, due to the mixing of cedar and fir extract. It is made from the Siberian coniferous foot of wild-growing cedar and fir in the remote mountainous regions of the Siberian region. Where the extract is extracted can be seen in the video. This is natural and healthy food for the whole family. This detox drink can also be used during a diet. Coniferous coffee, unlike ordinary coffee, has no contraindications and is suitable for any family member. Follow the dosages and increase them as needed and gradually, as natural coniferous drink contains a lot of vitamin C, although it is natural. The best alternative to tea and coffee in Russia. Domestic product. How to use: Dilute 1/2 teaspoon of the extract for adults or 1/4-1/8 teaspoon for children in a glass of liquid of any temperature. Drink preferably with water. A small amount of sweeteners can be added to taste. Contains vitamins in a bioavailable natural form: iron, iodine, zinc, silicon, silver, manganese, copper, vitamin C. Shelf life 3 years. Or it is not limited under the following storage conditions: temperature regime up to +20 degrees and storage in a dark, dry place.
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