Liquid soap Tar

This soap is multi-purpose, with a healing effect. For all skin types, but best for problem or oily skin. For facial skin: tar soap is successfully used in the treatment of purulent rashes, inflammation and acne. Pimples on the face are reduced due to the anti-inflammatory effect. The detergent composition of tar soap cleanses the pores, penetrating deeply into them, which eliminates blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands and the occurrence of abscesses. In addition, tar-based soap has a reducing, absorbable, anesthetic effect. For hair: you can wash your hair with tar soap several times a week. Such procedures help to get rid of oily sheen on the hair; tar soap has proven itself for dandruff, as well as a remedy for hair loss. For the body: tar soap relieves the symptoms of psoriasis, thrush, sweat and other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. Use tar soap and from nail fungus; Regular washing of hands and feet with this soap is an excellent prevention of many fungal diseases.
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