Scrub Soap Pine with Gum

Special offer. One of the best handmade natural soaps in terms of price / quality / functionality. Pine scrub soap differs from ordinary scrubs in its more economical consumption and natural composition. It is spent more economically than salt, coffee, sugar scrubs, since the particles themselves are not washed out for a long time, but remain on the soap for a long time. By the way, soap does not leave a residue on the bathroom, like regular coffee scrubs. According to the action of medium hardness, as ground pine cones are used. At the same time, the scrub, as it is, first of all, a soap, has a washing, caring effect. The effect of being in a wild coniferous forest is guaranteed to you, thanks to the natural aroma of juniper and pine. This solid scrub soap is well suited for a body steamed in a bath. Welded in a hot way, in compliance with the technology. The oil base is selected in the optimal proportion. Cedar resin added for better care. Free of sulfates, parabens & fragrance. We are sure you will like it.
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