Scrub Soap Flax and Fir

Soft scrub soap. One of the best natural handmade soaps in terms of price-performance ratio on the market. Scrub soap with flax differs from ordinary scrubs in its much more economical consumption. It is spent much more economically than salt, coffee, sugar scrubs, since the particles themselves are not washed out for a long time, but remain on the soap for a long time. By the way, the bathroom does not get dirty. The action is soft and gentle, between salt and sugar scrubs, thanks to the use of flaxseed. At the same time, since it is primarily a soap, it has washing, caring effects. Appearance is deceptive: this seemingly modest bar of soap can surprise even the most inveterate cleaner and not only with its action, but also with a light aroma of natural soap, and even give new sensations. Scrub soap for baths and baths is hot-brewed in compliance with the technology. Added caring oils in the optimal proportion, orange essential oil. We are sure that you will like it, because the reviews speak for themselves.
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